It's been a couple of days since posting and seems as if the time just raced by. Are there just 24 hours daily? Seems as if this is truly not sufficient to accomplish all - and I thought 24 was such a large number.
So what have I been up to as time raced by? Just drove back from LA / Pasadena after delivering paintings to Tirage Gallery and enjoying 2 days of the sights and sounds of the big city. So fascinating and unlike San Diego, with something going on at every corner.
One of the days, I went with my sister, Christine and her companions, Pepsi and Hollywood Howie to check out the toy district. So excited that I scored some baby dolls for my June show, Frayed. And ... one of the baby dolls had 2 right feet! I have never seen such a thing. Feel a bit sorry for the baby doll and a little hesitant to cut her up, but sure she will become something unique and special.