11"h x 14"w pastel

The other day as I was listening to the radio while painting, overheard a commercial from an office supple store. Blew me away for they claimed clouds were scary. As you all might guess by now, I love clouds. After all if I didn't, I wouldn't be tripping over my feet all the time as I gaze upward while walking. (Sure could have saved me some skinned knees too!)

Anyway, back to the clouds... they are as unique as people. A cloud could be skinny, wispy, chunky or puffy and range from white to black and every other color in between. No two are alike and are so fascinating. And they move quicker than you can spit! You really notice that when you try to paint them for they never sit still.

So lately I have been plugging along creating art for my solo show, Frayed, opening June 10th at Ray Street Custom Framing and Gallery in San Diego. (This is where I will be also exhibiting the baby dolls, which I promise will show you at a later date.) The premise of the show is that there is always a glimmer of hope on the horizon during catastrophic times. Apropos for today's times, huh?

And featured here is one of my sunsets, Brewing for Frayed.