fabric, hand-print, acrylic, wood + gold leaf
At times I play with my art and attempt to go outside of the box. Not only is it to push out of my comfort zone, yet find it is also an extended means for self-expression that I am unable to achieve with my pastels.

The premise of Frayed is that there is a sliver of hope on the horizon during catastrophic times. I feel this is so true today with many experiencing rough times. Life seems bleak for many people are unemployed, loosing homes or facing medical traumas. How many times have you heard - It could be worse or Someone always has it worse than you - which I have found never did cheer me up one bit. So instead I sit and play. And I find building with my hands is very soothing.

Shrine is a pencil and acrylic portrait embellished with gold leaf on tri-fold wooden panels. It is mounted on a raw slab of wood with a cross of 2 sticks wired together.

Scream is a hand-made sheer dress, with a 2-tier tulle underskirt. The dress has hand-printed black and white images of myself interspersed between people who are screaming.

Both pieces of art are included in my show, Frayed on exhibit till August 11th at Ray Street Custom Framing + Gallery in San Diego.