ADDY - 12 x 9 acrylic

12"h x 9"w acrylic + grease pencil
cradled wooden panel
SOLD / Private Collector

It seems lately that I have just been creating pastels. 
And I need some extra thrills . . .
so now it's time to get-down-and-play!

I was fortunate to be invited in creating portraits 
of dogs for a shelter awhile back. The program 
was to increase adoptions of older dogs, whom
always seem to be overlooked. Addy was one and 
am happy to report she was adopted to a loving 
family, as well as many others.

I found it a nice change to play with acrylics.
As for the elements, I used a primitive background 
to depict Addy's playfulness and a moon to
symbolize her age. 

A day of play!