Sold - Private Collector
8" square glass, pencil + paint
Detail of collaborative piece by
Susan Roden + Nancy Arthur-McGehee
Do you admire greatly 
another Artist? Wonder 
how in the world they 
do what they do? 

Well by embracing some 
collaboration you will see 
new personal growth
and direction, as well
as deepened friendships. 

not only my friend, but an 
incredible artist! She etches 
 glass, is a lapidary, and
a scientific illustrator.

Some time ago she informed 
me that one could paint and 
draw onto glass. Pastels, 
pencils + paint - amazing! 
Out came our pencils to 
schedule some play-dates, 
where we both got to experience the others medium. 

Crab Decanter
©Nancy Arthur-McGehee
Etched + blasted glass decanter

And two very successful art 
exhibitions resulted from our 
collaboration. Above left is a 
detail of Angel, one collaborative 
piece. The show was to be of 
salt water species, but Nancy 
humored me for I wanted to 
create this image badly. I mean 
the etched stripes in the glass 
was so funk and correlated 
with the stripes of the painted 

To the right is one of Nancy's 
incredible pieces, Crab Decanter.

Play-dates refresh and revitalize an
artist, especially if one has a home studio. 
Try it and create with a buddy!