14" x 18" pastel
*detail of painting

And I'm off!

Finally got a break in my hectic schedule, so going
 off in another tangent with art for a completely
 different series. 

Isn't it refreshing? 

Sure you other artists out there can relate. I've made some 
 changes - basically stopped creating petite daily pastels - 
and focusing on larger art, as well as pieces for my two 
upcoming shows (which entails my itty-bitty creatures, that
seems to flip everyone out, but hey . .  everyone has their vices.)

So back to my new stuff. I'm primarily focusing on figurative 
work, with a different handling of the background. For years I 
vowed that I do not +  would not blend, however the basis of 
this background is blended. Well whip me, but I did find it 
quite challenging. So I've journeyed to farmers markets, 
with the people being my target, rather than the produce. 

 Okey . . . now where will this lead me? 

Stay tuned.