Party time!

These 2 little delectable morsels are now sitting
pretty at a school jamboree auction. Firmly believing 
in giving back to the community and what better 
way than with sweet treats? 
(Psst . . .  Zoe a check is in the mail for you!) 

A good friend, who is the art teacher at Holy Trinity 
School in El Cajon, CA and has followed my blog, had her 
students create little cupcake paintings as one of their school 
projects. I received images of the little masterpieces - which I 
promise will post tomorrow!

I trotted over and donated these pastels after discovering this 
weekend is the school's yearly fundraiser, which is themed 
Hawaiian Paradise. To read more of the jamboree 
and Holy Trinity School, please click here.

And if anyone lives in the El Cajon / San Diego County 
area, please drop by. It's such a worthy cause.