Ha! I'm sure everyone little one of you thought I have been painting 
away and here I am playing in the Land of Sin! Actually I was 
working - just part of the time - at a framers convention. 
Yep . . .  I'm a tad smarter!

Anyway . . .  
one of the so very fun things we discovered was an "Art-o-Rama"
machine. I've read about them and even was a recipient of one of 
these, but had never seen one before. These transfigured cigarette 
machines are located typically in Art Museum gift shops and here in 
shiny, noisy, glitzy Vegas are 2 sweet machines. 

You put a $5 bill into the machine and Voila! . . . 
out pops a tiny piece of art.
Now how cool is that?
So the center pic is me holding my little piece by Judy Hurwitt
a mixed media artist.

Now that's Vegas Baby!