WHITE CHOCOLATE! - 6" x 4" cupcake pastel by Susan Roden

6" x 4" pastel
10" x 8" archival white mat*
*no glass nor frame
$115 + $10 insured priority shipping

We're now into the middle of the summer 
with a heat wave running rampant. 

- Okey, I can hear you out there now, 
"What a heat wave in San Diego!"-

Everyone knows San Diego has constant, beautiful weather 
and we're always whining. But hey, 81 degrees along the coast
 is a heat wave to us. So the way I handle the heat, is to sit back
 and enjoy a cupcake. 

Now that I have frosting all over my face, who has time
to paint? 

So enjoy a petite, yummy from the past!