WEIGHT - 6" x 6" skyscape pastel by Susan Roden

6" x 6" pastel
10" square archival white mat, glass + gold frame
$275 + $15 insured shipping

It was a day of confusion . . .  a day of questions.

A day of black moods . . .  a day of hurt feelings. 

But above all . . . there was a burst of hope 
above the clouds.




10" x 8" pastel + gold leaf

The start of a new year stimulates celebrations, 
memories, good wishes and reflections of the past. 

Regardless of one's religion or beliefs, death affects 
all. I'm posting this painting of mine not for it's religious 
view, but because it was created while my father was 
on his deathbed. Mortality begged me to consider my 
views. My father was the first of my parents to die 
and his passing saddened me greatly. 

This new years I face the realization that both of my 
parents, as well as my in-laws who I loved dearly have 
died. So in between the joyous celebrations, please 
take a moment to remember the loved ones that have 
passed and smile.