BARS- 6" x 11" sky pastel by Susan Roden

6"h x 11"w pastel

Imprisoned . . .  enveloped by the mass.

Colors screaming . . .  blasts of orange and browns.

Slits of blue . . .  hope.


Sketch of BLAST - 6" x 6" sky pastel by Susan Roden

Sketch of BLAST
6" x 6" pastel

A new year and analyzing a new direction . . .   

For so long I've been creating my little skies, but now 
am attempting to push it along after reflecting on my 
body of art.

As one can tell, I love color! 

And who doesn't if one plays with pastels? 
But I notice I have a constant palette of bold and contrasting
 colors, that typically are blue in hue with an occasional 
red as above. So now it's time to take a step in an opposite

So bear with me please, and let's see where this all goes. 


A Day of unrest in America

6" x 6" pastel skyscape

With fascination and sadness, I'm watching the news 
unfold and feel my painting RED HOT exemplifies 
the state of affairs of today.

Democracy is a wonderful thing that allows us 
as individuals to have a voice in our Country, yet 
it is truly a sad time. 

Avoid bloodshed . . .  unify.


PURPLE TURMOIL - 6" x 4" sky acrylic + pastel by Susan Roden- Sold

6"h x 4"w acrylic + pastel

Pleased to announce that Purple Turmoil was purchased
with a portion of proceeds to benefit cancer research!

With many thanks to Artist, Avril Thomas, the International
Exhibit "A SMALL WORLD" was held at Magpie Springs Gallery, 
South Australia.  It was a great endeavor not only in compiling artists
from all over the world, but also in facilitating the auction, press 
and website. 

It has been a great honor to be included and thank you
to Elizabeth Ports of South Australia for purchasing


BLUE - 6" x 6" sky pastel by Susan Roden

6" x 6" pastel
10" x 10" mat and frame
$175 + $15 insured shipping

Past the dark days with an upswing to brighter days. 

Nice with strips of blue peeking through! 


DARK DAY - 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" pastel landscape by Susan Roden

8 1/2" h x 10 1/2" w

The sky has been very somber of late
and such a contrast to the start of a new year. 

So breathe and dig deep for the beauty.