FEATHER HAT - 12" x 9" pastel figurative sketch by Susan E. Roden

12 x 9" pastel sketch on paper

The return of the pink hair - she's such a lovely model!

Today she wore a retro' black hat with feathers . . .  
jetting with style.


STUDY - 6" x 6" landscape pastel by Susan Roden

6" x 6" pastel on paper

Out of the heads and back onto the greenery! 

Taking a stroll at a  quaint corner of the overgrown Bosque.

This little one is a study and currently recreating it larger
in my studio. Attempting to keep the looseness of the 
pastel strokes. 


RED HAIR - 12" x 9" portrait pastel sketch by Susan Roden

12"h x 9"w pastel

Quick and sketchy . . . with splashes
of red, turquoise and orange. 

Drawing from life forces quick and spontaneous lines!


PENSIVE - 12" x 9" pastel portrait sketch by Susan Roden

12"x 9" pastel on paper

Relishing on going drawing today!
 Above is my second piece from last week's effort. 

Below is another I did awhile back. Different
substrates as well as colors really affect the outcome.
And I devoted more time to this, so really was
able to punch up the colors!