Blocked in study in pastels

On Wednesday I usually go to life drawing. 
It's so educational to draw a model from life! 
There seems to be a sense of 'freshness' that's 
nonparallel to working from a photo. 

Above is my first stage of blocking in the 
red-headed model. I underlaid three pastel 
shades onto the paper before starting to sketch
to give a nice undertone. 

Below is a more progressed stage.


SHADOWS + REDS going to PSNM Signature Show!

14" x 11" pastel 
20" x 16" mat, AR glass and black + silver frame

Once again I've been quiet over here, but just because I've been 
rocking with work. And so little time, but ever so thankful!

Above floral Shadows + Reds will be on exhibit at the Pastel
Society of New Mexico's Signature Members' Show which will
run from October 6th to November 10th at the Los Lunas
Museum of Heritage and Art. Always such a honor to be 
recognized as a Distinguished and Signature Member of this 

Rock on . . . . !


SOLD! - 2 pastel landscapes by Susan Roden

4 1/2" x 4 1/2" pastel, 8" square archival white mat, 
glass + frame 
SOLD - Private Collection of Alex Richardson

A day scene and a blazing sunset . . .

Two more landscape pastels are onward to 
a new home, with many thanks to Alex!

4 1/2" x 4 1/2" pastel, 8" square archival white mat, 
glass + frame 
SOLD - Private Collection of Alex Richardson


LIGHT RAIN - 14" x 11" pastel landscape by Susan Roden

14"h x 11"w pastel 
20" x 16" archival mat, glass and gold frame
$550 + $20 Insured shipping - tax inclusive

Standing on a ridge . . . while the mist fell 
onto my upturned face.

Relishing the colors . . .  and smelling the fresh scents.



A QUIET PLACE - 5" x 5" landscape pastel by Susan Roden

5" x 5" pastel
8" square archival white mat, glass + gold frame
$175 + $15 insured shipping


I'm reposting this scene just because it's available 
and I need to find myself a quiet corner today. 

And this looks very peaceful!

I just finished up two pastel skies workshops which
is satisfying yet emotionally draining. It also creates the
opportunity to vocalize my personal artistic techniques 
and execution. Yet as an artist, I am very visualize, so many 
times it's difficult to articulate actions to take when so much 
comes intuitively. 

But honestly I get so absorbed into creating that I 
forget to speak.

That's our secret, okey?


HEAVY WAS THE EVENING - pastel sunset by Susan Roden

pastel on sanded paper

 The evening seems so full and heavy after several busy 
and hectic days. 

Don't get me wrong, for I do enjoy my life, but 
just trying to keep up with the pace over here. 

So thankful . . . . . . 


REEDS - monoprint by Susan Roden

monoprint inks on paper

I have been gearing up for two workshops with one 
completed this past Monday and Wednesday and the 
second upcoming next week. 

I really enjoy interacting with others, for at those times 
the 'line' between students and instructors become blurred. 
By this I mean, that amazingly one learns from one's 
student in every session. Their creativity and manner of 
execution is so unique, that it touches territories I may 
have never thought of. So it's always a learning experience 
for all involved!

With that said, I'm posting 2 monoprints I created last year 
in a workshop at Remarque / New Grounds in Albuquerque. 

Love REEDS for it's simplicity and fluidity!
Blue Monprint and additional pieces were created 
specifically to use for a future life drawing with graphite. 

monoprint inks on paper 



6" x 6" pastel on sanded paper
12" square mat, AR glass, + gold frame
$265 + $10 shipping*
*tax inclusive

Preparing for 2 workshops on pastel skies at Albuquerque's
 OASIS. Always so much to remember and gather together, 
but do enjoy it much!

And I'm happy to write that both classes are Sold Out!
Soon I'll be posting pics of the 2 events. 

There will be another workshop on Unique Pastel Still Lifes
in November, so will keep all posted of dates and when
 registration opens.


FORGOTTEN TRACKS - 10" x 8" pastel by Susan Roden

10" x 8" pastel
black mat, glass + frame
SOLD - Private Collector

Love this little scene! 

Such a cozy and and ethereal evening.
The setting is a tiny abandoned house in Santa Fe 
along the Railyards, yet these tracks are not functional. 

And this petite pastel has now gone onto a wonderful home! 

Thank you Tish!


A REGAL LOOK (detail) - 10" round pastel on wood by Susan Roden

10" round pastel on wood panel
*detail of image

And this is the second piece I worked on 
for two hours at life drawing yesterday. 

Only about halfway done, but you can see 
my layering to build up the image. 

The first layer is created with a pastel wash 
to build up a mid-tone.Then the top sequential
 layers are pastel strokes, alternating between 
blunt to broad strokes.  

Really liking the wood as a substrate . . . 
fun, fun, fun!


FACIAL STUDY - 6" x 6" pastel on canvas by Susan Roden

6" x 6" pastel on canvas

Wednesdays have been my day of life drawing.
And lately I've been playing with different bases to 
study the effects with texture and application of color.

Above 'Facial Study', is my preliminary exploration
of the model to work out positioning of her facial 
features and shadowing, while executing onto a 
square piece of canvas. The canvas is quite textured
creating a "pebbly" effect with a subtle tone.

I had spent about 1 1/2 hours on this before venturing
 onto a larger wood substrate. I'll post that tomorrow
so you can see the difference in color and texture.


MASSIVE YET LIGHT - 6" x 3 1/2" acrylic skyscape by Susan Roden

6" x 3 1/2" acrylic on recycled wood block
*wall hung yet unframed
$75 - tax + shipping inclusive

The storm traveled on as the sky opened up.

Billowy white clouds raced . . .  and backdropped
by the brilliant hue of blue.

So light, so airy, so uplifting!


CLOUD BURST - 6" x 3 1/2" acrylic on wood by Susan Roden

6" x 3 1/2" acrylic on wood block
*wall hanging & unframed
$75 - tax + shipping inclusive

Blue were the skies . . . and pregnant was the cloud.

And the purple mass was heavy and swollen with moisture.

With fascination I gazed upward as the rain drenched my face

. . . cleansing all.


PURPLE MOVEMENT - 4" x 6" acrylic sky by Susan Roden

4" x 6" acrylic on board / *unframed
$75 - tax & shipping inclusive

Fast and fluid . . . the purple cloud flew as the pastel 
colors tumbled and rolled. 

Light . . . were my spirits.


Representation with Jezebel Gallery & Studio of Madrid!

6"x 6" pastel, 10" white mat, 
glass + burnt wood frame -$295 
*Courtesy of Jezebel Studios 

Rolling + Moving Clouds 
is one of the many pastels 
now hanging at Jezebel 
Gallery of Madrid, NM.

Madrid is on the Turquoise Trail leading on Albuquerque's eastern side of the Sandia 
Mountains to Santa Fe. Quite scenic with a 
cruise through some old mining towns. 

So two months ago Jezebel Gallery begun carrying my art, with focus on my skies and animals. All are framed in burnt pallet wood frames created by my husband, Dave Roden.

If you can't make the trip, then please check out 
Jezebel's online site here.


Another SOLD by Tirage Art

LOVELY (Huntington Gardens)
*Courtesy of Tirage Art

Here's another pastel that had been sold during
  Tirage Art's Retirement Sale.  So grateful
 for the many years of representation!


YELLOW - 10" round pastel on wood by Susan Roden

10" round pastel on wood

Wednesday is a day I typically go to life drawing. 
So wonderful to be immersed in the art of painting 
from life! And I enjoy immensely on trying different 
supports and techniques. 

Above, YELLOW, is a sketch completed in 45 minutes. 
This is on a wooden base and executed with underlying 
pastel washes. I've been playing here for am giving a class
in November at Oasis on pastel washes with still lifes.
More about that coming up later!

Below, RED CROSS,  is the warm-up sketch I created 
during the same session. This is the 2nd and the 
wood substrate measures 7" x 4 1/2". This was created
as a preliminary facial study and to see the effectiveness
of washes onto the wood base. 
Really like what I have going on! 

7" x 4 1/2" pastel on wood


PARASOL - 12" x 9" pastel sketch by Susan Roden

12" x 9" pastel on paper

Wednesday was a morning of life drawing . . . 
 so relaxing of a day!

Parasol is one of the 2 sketches I created 
at The Artists Studio in Albuquerque.
And such a great model!


BUOYANT CLOUDS - 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" pastel landscape by Susan Roden

8 1/2" x 11 1/2" pastel
double mat, AR glass + gold frame

'Buoyant Clouds' was accepted into the Land 
of Enchantment Show sponsored by the 
Pastel Society of New Mexico and on view 
at the Community Gallery of Santa Fe. 

All accepted pastel paintings were to depict
New Mexico, so here's my imagery of state's 
vibrant clouds bursting from the landscape.

The exhibit is on view from July 6th to the 25th, 
yet only open to the public till the 16th. So there's 
still 4 more days to see the show!


LILIES + PADS - Sold! Thank you Tirage Art

* Courtesy of Tirage Art

Discovery of many sales upon arriving at Tirage Art
 last week. Lilies + Pads is one of the sixteen 
pastels that went onto a new home.

Bittersweet to say good-bye as I passed through 
the doors for the last time. The gallery will have
an internet presence, so please continue to follow