MALE MODEL - pastel sketch on paper by Susan Roden

pastel on paper

Plugging away on many things, but I did happen
to go to life drawing a couple of days ago. 

Men are such a challenge - and with glasses to boot. 
Lines, lines, lines . . .  and color everywhere!


Registration for Classes - By Susan Roden

pastel on board

June 26th and June 27th I will be teaching a pastel class
at Oasis / Albuquerque on Subtle & Blazing: Pastel Skies.

The 2-days, 6 hours class will illustrate the execution of
light and pastel sunsets versus bright and bold sunsets. 
Dropping Colors is a sample of a blazing sunset.

The registration opens May 8th at 10:00 am with 
additional information available at: www.oasisabq.org.

Please note one needs to have created an account in order
to sign in and register! 



pastel sketches on paper

Since last year and January was so busy for me, I'm 
now reevaluating where I am at. So much has been 
going on between meetings, classes and working, that 
now I've stopped to assess the direction my art is going. 

Do any of you experience this? 

I'm wanting to push out of my safe zone and play 
with varied subject matter and styles. But regardless where
 I'm at, color has always been the primary key which is evident
 with the above sketches created in life drawing sessions. 

So even though I've been quiet over here, there has been 
progress and development which I'll be sharing soon. 

And now . . . I'm skipping along and searching.


WREATH and WREATH COLORS - figurative pastel sketches by Susan Roden

life drawing sketch on paper

I've been knee deep into taxes, organizational responsibilities
and of course, family. Time consuming yes, but really I'm
not complaining. Just that there has been a shortage of time. 

So last week I had my play time and went life drawing.  So 
exhilarating and also takes me away in my mind.  The model 
was so good that I got the reprieve I needed. 

Above, WREATH, is my first pastel sketch on paper. And below
WREATH COLORS, is created on a 10" round wood circle. 
The general proportions were sketched in with pastels, then a 
water wash applied and an overlay of pastel ontop.

10" round wood base + pastels


PURPLE MODEL - 14" x 11" pastel life drawing by Susan Roden

14" h x 11" w pastel sketch

Today I spent 1/2 day sketching.

And I so enjoy the time to get lost in my thoughts!
The above sketch was executed in about 2 hours.


VEILED - pastel + gold leaf portrait by Susan Roden

pastel + gold leaf

I'm quiet once again in my corner over here, but have been 
working away. Above, VEILED, is one of my current pieces.

Have been playing with figures inanimate objects wrapped 
in tulle. Fascinated with the slight sheerness, as well as the 
look with the fabric draping over the face and body.

Need to take a better image with correct lighting, but did
want to throw this out there since I've been MIA.  


MOTHER NATURE has gone to a new home!

upcycled mixed media sculpture

I truly love this little lady, yet happy to see  that she's
 going to a new home. Mother Nature has been sold! 
This fiery little lady will be residing in Taos in a 
private collection. 

She was recently one of the collected art pieces within
 the play, Diptych' written by Mark Dunn, performed by 
Albuquerque's Kathleen Welker and produced by the
Aux Dog Theatre in Albuquerque.   


RED + BLAZING - 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" pastel sky by Susan Roden

4 1/2" x 4 1/2" pastel
mat, glass + black frame
$150 + $15 shipping (tax inclusive)

Down, down, down . . . 

Hot, hot, hot . . . 

Nothing like getting sick.

Fortunately all's going better.


A DREAM - 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" sunset pastel by Susan Roden

 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" pastel
white mat, glass + black frame
$150 - tax and shipping inclusive

Some days are hazy . . . with pastel colors floating, 
amidst my daydreams.

So lost in thought . . . and cocooned within the 
subtle hues.

It's a day of soft travels . . . so comforting!


A SLANTED DAY - 18"h x 10"w pastel by SUSAN RODEN

18"h x 10"w
glass, burnt pallet frame  

A SLANTED DAY is one of the pastels including 
within the Oasis Exhibit, on view till April 26th.
The view is a slice of the Taos Pueblo.

The paintings range from Southwest landscapes and 
skies to sunflower still lifes. 

Please click here for additional information
and viewing times.


TURBAN - pastel by Susan Roden

pastel on paper

Getting back to my routine - sure feels good! 
(& unbelievable 1/2 the month has already gone by!) 

So today I went to life drawing and struggled away
for 2 hours on a full body image that was going 
nowhere. Then jammed this out the last hour. 



pastel & gold leaf

Just received yesterday a phone call from the
Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club that my painting
has sold! 

So thankful for the Patrons and Supporters 
of art. Everyone of you enable artists to continue
with this profession. 


Opening of Diptych at the Aux Dog Theatre of Albuquerque!

13"h x 12"w pastel

Friday was the opening night for the 9 performances of 
DIPTYCH at the Aux Dog Theatre! This is the world-premiere 
and created specifically for the X-Space of the Aux Dog Theatre. 

The storyline created by Mark Dunn, charters the
life relationship of a Mother & her artistic Daughter. The 
mother is represented by actor Kathleen Welker and the 
daughter is portrayed through my 32 pieces of pastels and 
mixed media art.

Below are some scenes from this past weekend and the 
public's reception has been fantastic! 


DROPPING COLORS - 12" x 11" pastel by Susan Roden

12"h x 11"w pastel
18"h x 17"w mat, glass + black frame
$675 - tax + shipping inclusive

A new year . . . with the past going out with a blaze! 

Hope, support and love . . .  to each and everyone! 


A MIST + CLOUDS one to be featured at Oasis Opening

14"h x 11"w pastel
glass + gold frame

Tomorrow is the opening reception at Oasis / Albuquerque.
Above, A MIST + CLOUDS, is one of the pieces on exhibit. 

Getting my tap-dancing shoes on for the event (just kidding!).
But will be dressed nice. 
Hope to see you there!


Roden's 'THE SHROUD' juried into CLWAC's 122nd Annual Open Exhibition

14"h x 11"w
pastel + gold leaf

Tomorrow, January 8th signifies the opening of
Open Juried Exhibition. Pleased that my above 
painting, The Shroud was juried in. 

The show may be viewed at the National Arts Club, 
15 Gramercy Park South, NY, NY, through January 25th. 
The hours are Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm.
Saturdays and Sundays are by appointment. 


5 GOLDEN on its way to OASIS!

25"h x 18"w pastel

Framing, inventorying, labeling, packing + gearing up 
to deliver art. Most do not realize the process in 
preparing artwork for an exhibit. So much more than 
just creating a piece. 

It's all a labor of love!

5 GOLDEN is one of the many pieces included within
my solo show, Subtle Nuances: Pastel Paintings by 
Susan E Roden, at Oasis / Albuquerque. The exhibit opens 
Thursday, January 10th with an artists reception - yes, 
I'll be there!- from 5 - 6:30pm. 

Additional information available by clicking here


5 Remaining days for NM Art League Exhibit

5 3/4"h x 3 1/2 w acrylic on wood
9"h x 6"w glass + frame

Above is the acrylic painting, Cloud Burst, on a 
reclaimed wood block that is on exhibit at The New 
Mexico Art League's Small Works & Holiday Show.
The show is up till January 5th so just a few more 
days remaining.

More information by clicking here.


Premiere Opening of 'Diptych' at Aux Dog Theatre on Jan 11th!

12"h x 12"w pastel                             13"h x 12"w pastel
       20" x 20" mat, glass + gilded frame     22"h x 22"w mat, glass + gilded frame

I'm so honored to have been introduced by VJ Liberatori 
of the Aux Dog Theatre to playwright Mark Dunn in a 
collaboration of an original play that merges theatre 
with fine arts. And an unique aspect of Diptych is that this
 production is immersive, with audience participation 
within the setting. 

This fictional tale is a geography of a Mother -played
 by Kathleen Welker- and daughter's relationship. 
My art represents the daughter whom is an artist.

Dunn's play, Diptych is the featured piece 
within ABQ Solofest, an annual festival throughout 
January at the Aux Dog Theatre. Above are two of 
my pastels within the 34-piece collection of pastels 
and mixed media included within Diptych

The world premiere will be presented at the Aux Dog's 
X-Space with opening night on January 11th. This 
show may be seen on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and 
Sundays at 2pm through January 27th. Tickets may be 
purchased online, so please click: www.auxdogtheatre.org 
or phone #505-596-0607.  


Susan E. Roden's solo pastel opening at Oasis on January 10th

I am so fortunate to be starting off the new year 
with a solo show! 

Oasis of Albuquerque is exhibiting a new collection 
of adobes, landscapes and sunflower pastels. The artist 
reception is Thursday, January 10th which coincides 
with the opening date of a four-month show. 

Above is the pertinent information or please click here. 
Do hope everyone in Albuquerque will attend!