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UPCOMING WORKSHOP at the New Mexico Art League!

THE EXPRESSIVE LANDSCAPE IN PASTEL New Mexico Art League Friday, June 17 - Sunday, June 19th; 9:30am - 3:00pm  Progression on PASTELS +AFAR 1 6"h x 24"w pastel Sold - Private Collector Happy to announce that I'll be teaching The Expressive  Landscape in Pastel  at the New Mexico Art League ! The two in-studio and one in-field workshop will  cover rendering compositions with positive / negative  shapes and emphasis on complimentary colors. Please click onto New Mexico Art League for additional information. Class size is limited.  
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Degrees of Loneliness - #1, 10" x 10" mixed media by Susan Roden

 DEGREES OF LONELINESS - #1 10" x 10" round mixed media on wood This is the current central piece within the  collection of  Degrees  of Loneliness, which addresses  the fallacy that all elderly people are depressed and  lonely. The collection reflects landscapes and  skyscapes in various stages of sunsets to indicate  levels of depression. Statistics reveal that the  percentage of depressed are actually very minimal. #1 reflects an encroachment of sad emotions on the right side, yet the gold leaf underneath and  which grounds the shrubs, signifies the day is  bright and hopeful.         

DEGREES OF LONELINESS - mixed media by Susan Roden

 DEGREES OF LONELINESS mixed media on 7" wood circles + 11" wood circle hand-prints, acrylic, pencil + gold leaf Well I have returned to Albuquerque, but will be posting art created and shown in California during my residency  at the Desert Dairy Farm .  Above, Degrees of Loneliness, are wood circles  created in mixed mediums to portray the varied stages  of loneliness and depression. This is included within the project, Aging . . . a female's perspective, which  is still in development, but am happy to report  a great portion was created during the residency!  Degrees of Loneliness addresses the fallacy that all    elderly people are depressed and lonely. Some are,  but a large portion are not for no longer have the  restrictions of daily lives. Many travel, volunteer  or go onto second careers. I envision this display to grow in quantity with  additional circular scenes of darkened trees and  varied stages of sunsets.

Detail of Venus by Susan Roden

Detail of Beauty is Skin Deep mixed media + gold leaf 16" round on wood panel  I'm back in California at the Desert Dairy Farm   on my second  residency. So inspirational while pushing my creativity as I'm  away from the daily life. And ever so grateful! So what have I been doing? Developing a project I begun some  time ago, which is the female perspective on aging. Pictured is a work in progress of Venus de Milo. Other art is being created  upon dresses which I am painting, sewing and stitching.  More will follow soon!  And below is a slice of the desert's life.

four - pastel abstract by Susan Roden

  four 7" x 7" pastel 10" x10" white mat, glass and frame Such great news!  The above abstract, four, was juried into Santa Fe's  gallery, Light Space Time 's 13th Online Abstracts Exhibition . And  many know abstracts are a departure from my usual representation  art. I had been playing around with this style to create a class on  abstracts, so had painted a few. Great honor to be juried into this  exhibit and I received special recognition! Submissions had to be nonobjective and nonrepresentational with  three divisions, photography & digital, 3 dimensional and painting  & other medium, which my piece was admitted into. The  gallery received 1,091 entries from 29 countries. The show will be  viewable throughout March, so please click onto  13th Online Abstracts Exhibition . to see a larger view of my piece.  On another note, I arrived a couple of days ago for my second  residency at the Twentynine Palms, Desert Dairy Farm. I'm  working on a sp

one - 7" x 7" pastel abstract by Susan Roden

  one  7" x 7" pastel 10" square white mat, glass + white frame $175 + $15 shipping - tax inclusive Light  airy free fall  . . .  loose your emotions.

two - Abstract pastel by Susan Roden

  two 6" x 6" pastel  10" square white mat, glass + frame $175 + $15 shipping Well, ashamed to say it's been so long.  Even though there has been silence I've been working away. I finally returned to in-person teaching! That was a trip,  but a welcomed venture. Almost forgot to how-to-do it.  And I've been working on different projects, techniques and styles.  Above, two , is one venture. Abstracts with a focus onto  harmony, balance and rhythm. Also mark making. Will be  premiering several the next few days. And I've been working on a huge project which really has really   consumed my time! I'll be traveling to my art residency again in  a week to the Desert Dairy Farm, where I'll be focusing on this project.  More to come and promise I won't be so silent!