DESERT DUNES - 6" x 6" desert acrylic by Susan Roden


6" x 6" acrylic on cradled wooden panel

One of my favorite places to walk to at the Desert Dairy Farm 

was the dunes. They were leading to the top of a hill and the 

view was incomparable! Above, DESERT DUNES, is a petite

vignette I created while at the Farm. 

This was the place I initially would have liked to install the sculpture,

but the area was unstable for it continually shifted during sand and 

wind storms.

Below is a photo of approaching the dunes before walking up to

the top.


PINK BEAUTY- 10" x 10" acrylic landscape by Susan Roden


10" x 10" acrylic on cradled wooden panel

Sold - Private Collector

During my residency I spent two afternoons at the Joshua Tree 

National Park. Above is a scene from there.

 Was fascinated with the Joshua trees with their shaggy bark. 

This was quite a departure for me with a predominate pink palette.

Kind of grooving on it too.

And an added plus is this went to a local collector, so I get to 

visit the painting! Always nice to have that opportunity and see a 

piece with fresh eyes.


DESERT PASTEL -5"x5" pastel by Susan Roden

 Desert Pastel
5" x 5" pastel on wood panel

Above, Desert Pastel, is the first piece of art and only
pastel that I created while at the Farm. It was Saturday,
February 13th at 6 am, with the chilled winds moving 
with alarming speed throughout the sky. 

 The afternoon of the day prior, I drove up to the 
Desert Dairy Farm with my sculpture strapped onto the 
front and back seats. Curiosity and anticipation of 
what was in store for me with this residency.

Anna Stump, co-founder of the Desert Dairy Farm
gave me a grand tour of the facilities and grounds. 
Below is a front view of the barn, where I spent much
time during the day.


A GOLDEN GLOW - 6" x 6" acrylic by Susan Roden



6" x 6" acrylic on wood panel

Private Collector

Upon arrival at the Desert Dairy Farm, I was immediately given 

a tour of the 5 acres. Such diversity between the mountain ridges

 and the oasis! And colors that I did not envision for a desert. 

Above, A Golden Glow, is a rendition of the view from the barn 

leading to the town of Twentynine Palms. Below is a sample 

of what I saw. 

One of my goals was to punch up my color palettes, so during

my stay, I painted small vignettes and experimented. Felt 

I succeeded with A Golden Glow


GATEWAY - 6" x 6" acrylic - private collector by Susan Roden

6" x 6" acrylic on wood panel
Private Collector

Silence . . . returned.

Many know that I returned nearly 3 weeks ago from an art 
residency at the Desert Dairy Farm in Twentynine Palms, CA. 
It has been a moving experience, plus the knowledge I gleamed 
from the coordinated Kickstarter project was invaluable. Since 
my time was consumed with the project, I was silent. 

And now is the time for me to write this experience.

Above, GATEWAY, is an acrylic of the entryway to the Farm, so felt
it was fitting for the start of my journey. The viewer is actually 
looking outward from the Farm's entrance and this is a scene 
during a high-wind storm, which prevailed for 2 1/2 days. 
All background scenery was obscured resulting in an eery effect.



Sold - A DRAMATIC MORNING - Pastel Sunset by Susan Roden


6" x 6" pastel

Sold - Private Collector

So very fortunate for sales during the holiday season and pictured 

is one of them! 

I am every so grateful for art patrons and each sale, which helps in 

keeping the artist alive. And touching to know that it will hang in 

someone's home to cherish. 

Many thanks!


DESCENDING PURPLES - 6" x 6" pastel landscape by Susan Roden


6" x 6" pastel
 10" square white mat, glass + black frame
$175 + $20 shipping - sales tax inclusive

Cold is coming and perhaps some rain and snow. 
Descending Purples depicts the feeling abound. 

Where is summer?


Joshua Trees - acrylic painting by Susan Roden



acrylic on recycled wood block - *one of Kickstarter rewards

Today has been truly a monumental day in many ways. 

With the support and funding from family, friends and art lovers my 

Kickstarter budget was met - 10 days prior to the ending of the project.

 Truly amazing and I'm so very grateful!

Monies still may fund the project with 100% of that amount to be donated

to the Desert Dairy Farm to aid future art residents. You can see more

about the Desert Dairy Farm by clicking here.

And to donate to my Kickstarter project click now.



JUST A HOUSE - 7" x 7" landscape pastel by Susan Roden

7" x 7" pastel
10" x 10" mat, glass + black frame 
$225 + $20 shipping - tax inclusive

A new year, a new hope and safe days ahead!

May a white cloud of hope hang over your home.


MAQUETTE CLOSEUP - desert landscape acrylic by Susan Roden

   A hop, skip, jump away till I go to my residency at the Desert Dairy Farm!
So close, yet still a ways away.  

   I created a project for this very residency, which a slice of the maquette (model) is illustrated and to the right here. This will be a 3-sided public art sculpture that will top nearly seven feet at completion. It will be fabricated out of wood and installed on the grounds at the Desert Dairy Farm during the mid-February residency. 

  I've also started a Kickstarter project to enable the sculpture to come to fruition. This is an international platform that aids artists in budgeting projects. And I'm pleased to report in two weeks time the project is 86% funded, yet this is an all or none fund, i.e. all the budget has to be collected or the project is struck down. If any monies are collected above the budget amount, I will be donating at 100% to the Desert Dairy Farm to aid future residents. 

Please read a detail description and video, as well as the donation page by clicking here.

Thank you for supporting the arts!


FALL + FLOW - 18" x 18" seascape pastel by Susan Roden

18" x 18" pastel 
$1300 + $35 shipping - tax inclusive
This piece is was juried into Pastel Society of New Mexico's 
28th National Pastel Exhibition and on a virtual exhibit thru 
December 31st. But what is most exciting is that there was created 
a virtual exhibit viewing so it feels like one is actually walking 
through a gallery setting! 

You can click here to see.


Desert Dairy Farm Maquette by Susan Roden


Close-Up of the Model for the Desert Dairy Farm Residency

Maquette height 11 1/2"

This is why I've been missing for over two months. And all thought

I was getting into trouble huh? 

Well, I'm slated for an artist residency at The Desert Dairy Farm 

(Desert Dairy Farm) this upcoming February and in honor of this 

wonderful gift, I wish to build a sculpture emulating the natural 

environment and habitat of the desert. The intended piece will nearly top 7',

be a three-sided wooden structure topped with a cow built out of recycled

materials. I will build - with Dave's assistance in fabricating - and paint 

the structure prior to the residency and then install while there. 

To help fund the project I've created a Kickstarter project that was 

launched last night and only runs through January 16th. Any funds received 

above the stated budget will be donated to the Desert Dairy fund to aid 

future residents.

To read more in detail of my project please click here.


DOWNPOUR + DARK - 12" x 12" pastel landscape by Susan Roden



12" x 12" image

Sold - Private Collector

This past year has been so unimaginable.

A year of darkness and electrifying in so many ways.
And now thankfully it's coming to an end.

I have been so busy but do have high hopes for the
new year with exciting news to come shortly!

Ho, ho, ho!


2 LEAVES - 8" x 8" pastel by Susan Roden


8" x 8" pastel 

12" square white mat, glass + black frame

$175 + $15 shipping - tax inclusive

Who would believe, huh?  Now I'm dabbling in abstracts.

Actually this was special for a Pastel Society of New Mexico 

video program, with getting members to try a different genre. 

So the month of October will be on abstracts. 

Pictured below are the first 2 steps in executing this abstract.  

The top is the first basic shape that has been washed. 

The image at the bottom, is at the mid-point of execution. 

All is done in pastel onto UARTS sand paper.


WHITE + BLUE BACKDROP - 8" x 8" Southwest landscape by Susan Roden


8" x 8" pastel on sand paper

12" square mat, glass and black frame

$275 + $15 shipping - tax inclusive

After the rain and the skies cleared the colors appeared . . . 
white and blue to lighten one's mood. 

And comes the anticipation of a brighter day!


PINKS + PURPLES - pastel Southwest Landscape by Susan Roden


5" x 5" pastel

8" square black mat, glass + black frame

$155 - Tax and shipping inclusive 

This was refreshing to work with purple and pink, since
most of my art gravitates towards blue tones. 

It is a somber look though.


ROLLING BYE - southwest landscape by Susan Roden



4 1/2" x 4 1/2" pastel

white mat, glass + black frame

$155 - tax and shipping inclusive 

This is another petite pastel that I created to showcase during my 

recent class on pastel washes. 

Just so much movement! 

One can almost feel the clouds passing.


Susan Roden's 2 Entries Accepted in the PSNM Signature Show



12" x 12" Image

16" x 16" mat, glass and black frame



Both of these pastels were accepted into PSNM's Signature Member 

Show and hosted at the Los Lunas Museum of Heritage + Arts through 

Sept. 11, 2020.  The complete exhibit may be viewed online 

at this link.

All art may be purchased by debit, credit cards or checks by contacting

Linda Boatwright, PSNM Treasurer at psnm.treas@gmail.com 

or call 575-313-1898


12" x 12" Image

16" x 16" mat, glass and black frame



STACKED + FLOWING - 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" pastel landscape by Susan Roden


4 1/2" x 4 1/2" pastel on sanded paper

8" square white mat and black frame

$155 - shipping + tax inclusive

I've been off with a busy life  . . . who would believe during a pandemic?

In the time I've been MIA, I  conducted a pastel class for Oasis/ABQ.
That truly was an experience!

I love teaching yet it was so difficult with keeping a 6' distance and
wearing a mask for the duration of the class. I was actually abled to
cover more material yet sure did a lot of talking! Exhausted when all
was done. 

So pictured above, Stacked + Flowing is one example for the class
on paste l washes. I feel there is a lot of movement capturing the
flight of clouds.




3" x 3" acrylic

I'm so honored this little piece sold and onto a wonderful home!
Now to find a little box. . .