5" x 5" pastel
gold leaf frame - without a matt

Man, I must say I was feeling so smug and wicked and see where it got me? My blog appears so far as if I render just sunsets, yet I do have a varied range from landscapes, figurative and still lifes. I thought - there I go thinking again - that I would introduce petit skies and then after connecting with a few of you out there, throw out a challenge for all. Had a great idea of imposing a size constriction of 5" square, any medium with only the use of an apple as the subject matter. Then all could email me jpegs, which I would upload to my blog and maybe hold a monthly vote for favorites. Well, lo and behold, as I was scrolling and checking out other sites, I came across Gerald De Dios's blog (check my fav' blogs) and wouldn't you know, he started a yearly personal challenge of Painting an Apple a Day for the year of 2010. Very fun and worth checking out.
So I'll post here and now, one of my petit pommes and think of a different challenge down the road. Oh, this was a luscious one too. I love munching on them while I walk and stare at all the clouds.
But hey, anyone can still play apples with me if you would like. Know the little fruit is such a wonderful prop for so many artists, plus a wonderful snack! (I wonder if Gerald is tired of them yet?)