4"h x 6"w

Well I'm still traveling in memories here with my 2 trusty fingers, happy as clams while typing out my thoughts.

Once again I'm back in Taos at the Pueblo, which dates back to the 8 & 9th centuries. Inhabitants live the ancient-way, that is with no electricity, running water, phones or indoor plumbing - all everyday conveniences taken for granted. The Native American Indians also cook in hornos, which are outdoor adobe stoves fueled with fire. The bread dough is placed in the hornos once the fire has been extinguished upon reaching the correct temperature. Typically the women are out baking and selling the bread when tourists are visiting the Pueblo. The smell is incredible and the taste is uncomparable!

There is something to be said for the simplistic way of life. I believe each day tends to become more focalized, with a greater importance placed on traditions, family and values.

A taste of yesterday.