10"h x 8"w pastel
14 1/2" h x 12 1/2"w gold leaf frame + glass
Courtesy of Tirage Gallery*
* Purchase can be made through the gallery

 Four participating galleries of the Pasadena Art Gallery Association
will have respective venue receptions, Saturday, October 9th
from noon to 5pm for the Colors of Catalina Exhibition. 
  A portion of all sales will benefit the Catalina Island Conservancy.

Above, the pastel painting Tuna Club, depicts the building
and deck that overlooks the shores of Avalon.

The Tuna Club, founded in 1898, is considered the first sportsfishing
organization of the United States. The Founders heavily promoted
conservation by strict fishing regulations, which is considered
the Club's greatest legacy.

Well known dignitaries and celebrities, such as Winston Churchill,
Charlie Chaplin and Bing Crosby, were members of the Tuna Club.

Today charter boats can be hired for search of the "big one" in
the deep waters. Incidently, the record catch to date is a 251 pound
blue-fin tuna by Colonel C. P. Morehouse in 1899, one year after
the conception of the organization.

And fellow blogger Julie Hill will be participating as well at the
Segil Fine Art Gallery. Be sure to check her watercolors out too!