FIRE + PASSION - 6" x 6" sunset pastel by Susan E. Roden

6" x 6" pastel
12" square glass + gold frame
$265 + $10 insured priority shipping - tax inclusive

I have a story to tell . . . 

As I was walking Friday I encountered a blind man.
 Determinedly he was tapping away with a cane, 
 yet was turned around at a street crossing.  
The gentleman missed the corner and butting 
heads with a street lamp.

I asked him if he needed assistance and at first declined.
Then he inquired if he passed the deli. It took a minute 
for me to get my bearing as well, and realized he passed 
the cross street by a block. 

I explained that he had to go back one block, turn right, 
go another block and the deli would be on his left. Inquired 
if he needed additional assistance, he smiled and said no.

While walking away, decided I should look back 
and . . . 
saw the gentleman had crossed the street successfully,
but was turned around once again!

I yelled to him the directions, which he then gave 
a nod. Yet he was still tapping in the same spot!
So I repeated and he waved as if dismissing me. 

Sadly I walked away for had an appointment. 
All day my thoughts were with the gentleman,
wondering if he ever made it to his destination.

The thought of lost vision really upset me 
and am ever so grateful!