RED POSEYS + PRADO - 12" x 9" landscape pastel by Susan Roden

12" h x 9" w pastel
glass + gold frame
$395 + $20 insured shipping

Well the BIG Bash was to begin next year for a full year,
for Balboa Park's centennial celebration. 
Seemed so very organized, with a formal committee and all.

Then . . . . the "s - - hit the fan", as many would say.

The committee disbanded with a couple millions spent 
and nothing to show for it, except large salaries
for the officers. 

Now the city is scrambling to come together, 
urging for "volunteers" and get the party back on track. 

My pastel, "Red Poseys + Prado" reflects on a 
sunnier day at the park.

Oh . . .  and if you want to volunteer, here's a link for you.