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UPCOMING WORKSHOP at the New Mexico Art League!


New Mexico Art League

Friday, June 17 - Sunday, June 19th; 9:30am - 3:00pm 

Progression on PASTELS +AFAR

16"h x 24"w pastel

Sold - Private Collector

Happy to announce that I'll be teaching The Expressive 

Landscape in Pastel at the New Mexico Art League!

The two in-studio and one in-field workshop will 

cover rendering compositions with positive / negative 

shapes and emphasis on complimentary colors.

Please click onto New Mexico Art League for

additional information. Class size is limited.



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PINK FIELDS 12" x 9" pastel on canvas panel PRIVATE COLLECTOR I'm teaching "Introduction to Pastels" once again  at UCSD Extension this summer and will be covering  a whole array of techniques from washes, to layering  and strokes and in various genres. "PINK FIELDS" was  the demo piece in illustrating washes on textured panels  in an impressionistic style.  So if you want to learn more on this medium, as well  as have a barrel of fun, please click here to read more  and sign up.

Roden is in the 12th Annual 6" Squared Exhibit!

Arc to the Sky                                                                       I am pleased to announce I have two pastels in Randy  Higbee's Gallery 12th Annual 6" Squared Exhibit . These and all other artwork may be view here .  And art is a wonderful Christmas gift to all! This is a combined Live Show and Online Show and Shrub + Sky is on both, whereas Arc to the Sky is online.  Shrub + Sky                                                                                                                                                                                                             

two - Abstract pastel by Susan Roden

  two 6" x 6" pastel  10" square white mat, glass + frame $175 + $15 shipping Well, ashamed to say it's been so long.  Even though there has been silence I've been working away. I finally returned to in-person teaching! That was a trip,  but a welcomed venture. Almost forgot to how-to-do it.  And I've been working on different projects, techniques and styles.  Above, two , is one venture. Abstracts with a focus onto  harmony, balance and rhythm. Also mark making. Will be  premiering several the next few days. And I've been working on a huge project which really has really   consumed my time! I'll be traveling to my art residency again in  a week to the Desert Dairy Farm, where I'll be focusing on this project.  More to come and promise I won't be so silent!