4 1/2" x 4 1/2" pastel
8" square archival white matt, glass + gold frame
$150 - tax + shipping inclusive

Feeling a bit under the weather, so decided to paint something 
sunny and cheery. So lets travel back to Catalina Island.

I spent a few days there April 2010 to work on art for 
show through Tirage, with a portion of sales 
 benefiting Catalina Island Conservancy. You can 
view one of my posts with another scene of 
Avalon Town here.

Catalina Island is 22 miles off the Coast of Southern California, 
so boats are the mode of transportation to get there. All dock at
Avalon, which the Town of Avalon 2 depicts, where little houses 
and cottages are nestled at the base of mountains. And so much 
to do with kayaking, hiking, fishing, beaches topped with 
shopping and eating!

Just discovered that it's the 30th birthday of Catalina Express,
one of the boats that travels to the Island. So they are offering a 
free ride to anyone on their own birthday! Just have to sign 
up through their website, which is linked above. 

I just may go back for more fun in the sun!