I realized with my last 
posting, Changes In 
Life, was kind of 
ambiguous, so I guess 
I better clarify where I 
was going with that. I 
have been doing quite 
a bit of thinking of my 
artistic path. Seems 
I lost my way a bit 
ago. Ever happened 
to you? 

After much soul 
searching and 
evaluating, I decided 
to make some changes. 

First I will be posting and focalizing on larger pastel pieces. Secondly, I will be writing on personal artistic influences, thought processing, 
unique techniques and mediums, with interspersing of prose. 

I know many have been following my little sweet treats and Donut 
War, while others have enjoyed my petite sunsets, so am sorry if I 
disappoint anyone. I can assure you there will be postings of petite 
pastels, but as preludes and sketches to larger pieces. 

Also there will be explanations of my more controversial art, i.e. the 
deconstructed art, as well as new art form where I merge figurative 
with animals in a mixed medium format on wooden cradled panels. 

So hopefully this will pique your interest and come along for the ride. 
Stay tuned and let's play together!