wood, dolls, pearls, pins, mosaic, stones + gold leaf

Just love playing with my dolls!

I know, my sister-in-law thinks I'm pretty looney, but . . . 
have to admit they are so much more fun then model airplanes.

Anyway . . . I've been walking a lot and that's when I find 
many of my little treasures that I use to create these 
little pieces of art.

So the other day I was walking down an alley and scored! 
Just so excited that I could just pee my pants!
Lo + behold, I found an old paint brush. Just started 
to envision what appendage that could become and begun 
to happily exclaim - out loud - on how fortunate I was. 
Glanced out the corner of my eye and saw a man of the street
 reclined in the alley. Fascinated, he watched me as he drank 
a "beverage". Told him I love to talk to myself, which
he smiled and exclaimed he did too. I think I made a buddy!

So here's some of my booty: