15 MINUTES OF FAME - here I come!

20" x 16" pastel on sanded pastel board

The painting pictured is included within "15 MINUTES OF FAME", 
an installation by Lauren Carrera and Prudence Horne at the 
San Diego Museum of Art this Saturday.

Working with Roland Petersen's painting The Shaded Figure and 
Andy Warhol's Flowers, 30 San Diego painters will be showcasing 
their individual art seated in a garden setting at the Museum.

Andy Warhol is noted for stating that "in the future everyone will have 
their 15 minutes of fame", so the installation allots 15 minutes to each.
I'm slated for Saturday, August 3rd at 10:40 am. 
If you're at Balboa Park, please come see me.

What a wonderful invitation!