4 1/2" x 4 1/2" pastel
white archival matte, glass + petite gold leaf frame
Even though it was a sunny day in San Diego, I begun to reminisce of my last September residency at the Petrified Forest National Park. And you guessed it - this was a day it rained! (similar to Catalina Island, huh?)

Here I was looking up at the blue, blue sky of San Diego and my mind begun to travel. I was seated and working on a pastel on my featherlight easel on the Painted Desert Rim Trail that stretches between Tawa and Kachina Points. The trail is about one mile in length and had views of the Painted Desert and the woodland rim. That day there were fabulous, white clouds in a rich blue sky, so I decided to create a woodland rim painting. I was so absorbed with the scene and then out of nowhere, huge dark clouds erupted. But what was so strange, is that the blue of the sky didn't darken and in matter of 10 minutes raindrops begun to fall. I had to collect my pastels and make a mad dash out of there. Kind of hard to hustle-up a hill with a mile-long jaunt with a backpack, stool, easel, and art supplies, but off I went.

And the whole time the sky was blue.